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We have created an Asian influenced garden and Bonsai nursery through a labor of love. Our goal was to provide beginner and serious Bonsai artists with top quality pre-bonsai whether nursery grown or collected. Every tree sold will be well established in an appropriate training pot, or you may make an appointment to dig from the nursery in Spring. No tree will be sold until it is ready for training.

Growing mediums, pots both ceramic and Mica, tools and other various Bonsai sundry were available as well as lessons, lectures and demonstrations.

Bonsai clubs were invited to schedule BYOT workshops here with a garden tour included. The Sanctuary Bonsai collection is extensive and includes trees from noteworthy artists like Nick Lenz, Guy Guidry, Yuji Yoshimura, Christine and Thelma Hayward, Suthin Sukosolvisit and Jack Hoover.

Updated - May 13, 2018

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