Sales Gallery of Mica Pots

Sanctuary Bonsai stocks a large assortment of Mica Pots like the examples shown here. These sturdy pots are fabulous for training trees and will last a lifetime, servicing many trees overtime. It's important to train in a sturdy container. New fragile hair roots can be damaged if the tree or the soil moves. Flimsy containers that deform when lifted can hurt delicate roots. Mica pots drill easily to create tie downs. They are lighter and less expensive than ceramic. They also stay cooler than ceramic.

I get all my Mica from my friend John Green at Green Thumb Bonsai. You may shop his website and order through Sanctuary if it helps to get your pots into the Southern New England area. Or come by the nursery to select from our extensive inventory.

For an enlarged view of the pot, please click on the picture.